Individual Consultation

Unlike my traditional psychotherapy practice, my individual consultation work takes my theoretical underpinnings and applies them to a a short- term model or a single session encounter.

There may be a variety of reasons why an individual may want to consult with me rather than make the commitment to on-going psychotherapy. This choice may be made for financial reasons.  It may be made because the person is pretty clear about alot of their life and only wants to get some information on a particular thing.  In a sense, they are coming to pick my brain about a specific matter to gain some insight, knowledge or understanding. This work is more limited and short term in nature. 

Other examples of this type of consultation might be  someone who consults about an employee or a difficult situation concerning a partner.  A parent might consult about a problem he/she is having with their child. A person might look to consult because they need some perspective on their relationship or marriage.  Someone might consult with me to understand their managerial style and what might be happening in their office. Or someone might contact me about a family concern that they are trying to get perspective on.  People can consult about anything really.  What makes this different from on-going therapy is that the experience is limited and the focus is typically about gaining some insight or perspective.  oNce this is achieved, people tend to go on their own.  Sometimes people may come in for a consult and end up staying for on-going therapy.